Lil' Internet Superstar

Internet offers a new if cowardly way to get back at neighbors who have wronged you.

In the lobby of the building where I live, there's a white board where the residents often write anonymous notes bitching about what other people in the building are doing that pisses them off. Who was playing music until 4 in the morning last night? If your dog pukes in the hallway, clean it up. If you defecate in the elevator, clean it up. (My bad on that last one.) Regardless, it's always this kind of really passive aggressive nonsense written on a community whiteboard so that no one ever has to confront anyone else directly.

Well now, thanks to Internet, there's a hi-tech solution for this type of cowardice.

At, you can post anonymous notes for the whole world to see about people living nearby that you have a big problem with, but lack the ballsack to speak up to. After all, cowardice is the unspoken code of the Internet. So congratulations, you're today's Internet Superstar.

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