Maker Faire


  • NASA LEAPTech and Maker Faire!

    The future of electric air travel is upon us - Darren reports on LEAPTech from the NASA Armstrong Research Center. Plus, tracking the International Space Station from a Raspberry Pi! Maker Faire is all Iabout Arduino and Raspberry Pi this year! All that and more, this time on Hak5!


  • Maker Faire San Mateo 2013 - The Best of

    Maker Faire 2013 in San Mateo was a weekend extravaganza of DIY spirit, innovation, inventiveness, and ingenuity around almost any topic you can think of -- music, fire arts, robotics, crafts, engineering, arts, electronics, healthcare, cyclery, steampunk, food, sustainability, and more. We shot a whole bunch of video to give you an idea of what it was like to be one of the lucky attedees.

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  • The Bot That Wants To Get You Drunk!

    We've dreamed of the days when robots would wait on us hand and foot. Maker Faire 2013 has a bot that can do just that!

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  • Learn Robotics at Robot Garden Hackerspace: Maker Faire 2013

    Do you like building, fixing, or robots? Then you need to check out this collective of humans who host a creative space learn about all three!

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  • Seagate's $120 1TB SSHD. 17 Cool Things At Maker Faire. Run 64GB RAM! Ultimate Ears 11: Awesome Earbuds, Google I/O Secrets, Yahoo Eats Tumblr!

    We Recap Maker Faire. Veronica shows off her Ultimate Ears 11 custom molded earbuds and we take a look at the shinys from Google IO and an in-depth look at Google Glass.


  • The Amazing Foldable Kayak: Maker Faire 2013

    Kayaks are awesome, but they're a nightmare to store and transport! Oru Kayak designed a solution to that problem with this innovative water sport accessory.

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  • OmNom Recycles 3D Printer Mistakes Into Fresh Plastic! Maker Faire 2013

    3D printing is definitely awesome...but what if you make a mistake? No problem with this machine!

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  • Kinect Powered Realtime 3D Sandbox! Maker Faire 2013

    The Anticlockwise group has a fun interactive landscape that you can really dig into!

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  • Supercharge Lego Mindstorm NXT With Matrix Robotics Metal Upgrades! Maker Faire 2013

    Build and prototype Lego Mindstorm NXT compatible robots in no time!

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  • $20 Wixel Wireless USB Module Frees Fire Breathing Wolf! Maker Faire 2013

    Want to easily add wireless functionality to your projects? Fenir, the fire-breathing wolf can help!

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