Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough

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Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough

Rovio releases Angry Birds Star Wars and we give you a quick walkthrough and our thoughts on the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest edition of the wildly popular game from Rovio. The gameplay is more complex than its previous editions and you segue smoothly between levels offering the two flavours of Angry Birds (Space and non-Space). For example, the Death Star world starts you in Space, then moves inside, then back out again for a final Death Star trench run.

There are a number of other Star Wars additions. For example, a few levels into Tatooine, the red bird gets a light sabre, which you swing to destructive effect at any point during his flight by tapping the screen. He even has Luke Skywalker's hair.

Meanwhile, the yellow bird (Han Solo inspired) now shoots lasers - complete with authentic Star Wars sound effects - the black bird can use The Force to send objects shooting off with a tap, and there's a heavy Chewbacca bird to barrel through obstacles.

The pigs? They dress as stormtroopers, Darth Vader and even get to hop in Tie-Fighters and fire lasers of their own.