Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron: Hands-On Video

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Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron: Hands-On Video

Transparent displays are coming and we are hardly able to control our excitement! Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies is working to produce a completely transparent Smartphone. Well, transparent as current technologies will allow, battery companies are barely able to give us all day battery life let alone a transparent battery!

Polytron is working on getting the hardware components of the smarpthone up and running, this prototype shows that that they will be able to power the device even though it will primarily be transparent. There is no software running on the prototype as the primary purpose of this prototype is to begin hardware integration and to get OEMs excited about the potential of Polytrons technology. This is an interesting beginning for something that most consider a piece of tech that we would only see in Sci-Fi flicks.

Taking a closer look at the smartphone we've got a bunch of components that won't be transparent, the SD card and the SIM card which will be placed directly above it. They've only got 2 watch batteries in there for the moment to power the LED to show that the material they've made the phone out of will indeed conduct power. At the top we've got a micro camera and a microphone.

Since this is smart glass technology we'll be able to cover up the bottom portion of the hardset where all of the non-transparent technology will be crammed in.