Snitch, 21 & Over and Jack the Giant Slayer Movie Reviews!

Tonight on Movie Night Jonathan reviews "Snitch" starring Dwayne Johnson"21 & Over," and the fantasy adventure "Jack the Giant Slayer."

"Snitch" gets a 6/10 and Dwayne Johnson excels in the refreshing drama, "21 & Over" scores a 5/10 and is guiltily amusing. Finally, "Jack the Giant Slayer" grabs a 7/10 for its big action even though it has a formulaic, tepid script

Tonight's Films:
• Snitch -- Johnson excels in refreshing drama, 6/10.
• 21 & Over -- Guiltily amusing. Hammy and disjointed, 5/10.
• Jack The Giant Slayer -- Big action, formulaic tepid script, 7/10.