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  • The Coolest Stuff at CES

    Every January, Las Vegas is invaded by CES and all the tech gadgets you can imagine.


  • 20+ best NVIDIA Shield Console games!

    Written Version - http://goo.gl/1TRKlH Join us as we round up the best NVIDIA Shield Console games available right now!

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  • New Consoles for 2016?!

    Reina and Sam breakdown the best announcements from GDC 2015 so far!

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  • NVIDIA Shield Tablet Review - the tablet we've been waiting for

    The NVIDIA Shield Tablet might be simultaneously the Android gaming experience and Android tablet we've been waiting for. Josh brings you the review.

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  • NVIDIA Shield Wireless Controller - up your Shield game

    Touchscreen controls are great and all (not) but you can really up your game on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet with their Shield Wireless Controller. Josh shows you how cool it is and compares it to much more affordable Bluetooth controllers.

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  • Galaxy Tab s 8.4 vs NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet - Two of the Best Small Tablets Face-off

    The past few months have delivered two of the best small tablets we've seen all year-maybe ever. That's great for consumers, but it also poses a problem: with so many terrific tablets on the market, it becomes that much harder to choose which one to buy. It used to be we only purchased the iPad mini or Nexus 7. But these two devices-Tab S 8.4 and SHIELD Tablet-is shaking up the status quo with their awesomeness.


  • NVIDIA Shield Tablet: Gaming Experience

    Gaming on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet is pretty great - and maybe Josh has been doing a little too much of it.

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  • NVIDIA Shield Tablet First Impressions

    The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is the gaming company's follow up to the unqiue Shield peripheral from last year, this time in an easier to digest form factor and sporting the enhanced Tegra K1. Josh has been playing a lot of games and watching a lot of shows on it already.

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  • iOS apps on Android, huge Google Play update, Portal and Half-Life 2 for Android - Google Play Weekly

    In this week's episode, we talk about iOS apps running on Android, OEM skin apps running anywhere, a huge Google Play Store update, Portal, Half-Life 2, and more Android app news!

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  • Nividia Shield Vs. Mossberg 464

    The Nvidia Shield goes up against the Mossberg 464 in this episode of Tech Assassin.

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