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  • Advanced Password Recovery with Hashcat - Hak5 2122

    Darren chats with EvilMog (Team Hashcat) about Hashcat, the world's fastest and most advanced password recovery tool.


  • Snagging Creds From A Locked Machine With a LAN Turtle - Hak5 2104

    Stealing creds from a locked PC using a Hak5 LAN Turtle, plus Mubix joins us! This time on Hak5!


  • 2 Second Password Hash Hack - Hak5 2102

    A 2 second technique for stealing Windows password hashes and otherwise auditing corporate USB drive policies!


  • 15 Second Password Hack, Mr. Robot Style - Hak5 2101

    15 seconds of physical access and a USB Rubber Ducky is all it takes to swipe passwords from an unattended PC.


  • Your Passwords are Predictable, Hak5 1902

    This week on Hak5 the crew discusses the issue with enterprise keyless entry and how predictable our android passcodes can be.


  • Serf and Jerk! This Week on Comment Commentary 155!

    A lot of jerking off while planet surfing. Things got weird!


  • Worst Passwords of 2014

    Computing... most common... passwords... 2014... oh these are really bad...


  • Make Your Stuff Hack-Proof!

    Some quick tips to keep hackers out of yer stuff!


  • Super Bowl HDTVs You Can Afford! Get HBO Go for Free, Speaker Mounting, Optoma's Bargain Projector, The Death o' Film, Free SpectraCal Color Checker!

    Superbowl drives TV sales... our recommendations!

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  • Nymi Unlocks Your World With Your Heartrate - Bionym Founder Interview

    Bionym is a start up out of Toronto that is looking to change the way you enter your passwords. The Nymi centers on a person's electrocardiogram, a measure not of your heart rate but of the electrical activity generated by your heart. A person's ECG is dependent on the size, position, and physiology of their heart, and it's completely unique to every person.

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