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  • BackTrack 5 VM with Wireless and Linux on a Dingoo Digital

    This time on an exciting brand-new-studio edition of Hak5 we're getting hands on with the latest version of BackTrack-Linux, configuring virtual machines and wireless. Shannon's flashing the firmware on a Dingoo Digital A320 and installing a custom distro of Linux and so much more.


  • DEFCON 18

    This week Darren & crew take on DEFCON, the nations largest annual hacker convention and check out pentesting UAV platforms, badge viruses, lock picking, metasploit, capture the flag and so much more.


  • Pronobozo, Metasploit and Ninite

    The Hack Across America series continues in week 3 with a phenomenal episode featuring an exclusive interview with Pronobozo. Then mubix joins us for Metasploit 101 part 2, pwning a domain controller via SQL injection an token passing on a fully patched enterprise network. Plus Shannon has a tool that will save tons of time on your next PC build in this week's Snubs Report. Get comfortable, you won't wanna miss this.


  • Hacking PPTP VPNs with ASLEAP

    Continuing with the VPN Series, Darren discusses the inherent weaknesses in Microsoft's PPTP authentication protocol, MS-CHAPv2, and demos a Linux tool that exploits these weaknesses.


  • Metasploit 101 with Mubix

    After much request we've dedicated an episode to Metasploit.'s very own Rob Fuller, aka Mubix, joins us in studio to show us the basics of exploiting and the power of auxiliary modules.


  • Shmoocon 2009

    We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. Dave Kenedy on his project FastTrack. Michael Ossmann about sniffing bluetooth. Joshua Abraham on his software GIS-Kismet. Mister X, author of Aircrack-ng and Johnny Long, author and security guru on Hackers for Charity.