Is Frank Ocean Coming Out on His New Album 'Channel Orange'?

The Philip DeFranco Show

Is Frank Ocean Coming Out on His New Album 'Channel Orange'?

In today's show we talked about Samsung vs Apple patent, Frank Ocean coming out just before the July 17th release of his new DefJam titled album 'Channel Orange', and Sailor Moon Returns in Summer 2013!

Frank Ocean is an R&B vocalist known for the Tumblr released mixtape Nostalgia Ultra last year. Now, the singer/songwriter has come out in a detailed Tumblr post to reveal his sexual revelation just before his July 17th release of this new DefJam titled album 'Channel Orange'. He has been praised by his friends and peers in the music industry, including Beyonce, Jay-Z and Russell Simmons. Hear Philip DeFranco's candid thoughts on this!

If you're not familiar with the ongoing Samsung vs. Apple patent, listen in: The two giant companies have been engaged in a patent war surrounding their respective tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad. Today, a United Kingdom judge has rules that the Galaxy Tab does not, in fact, infringe on Apple's iPad sexiness. The judge says that Samsung's tablets "do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design." Burn! Watch to hear Phil's opinion on the matter.

Anime fans should take note of Sailor Moon's return to television next summer with a new anime series. Formally known as Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon, the manga series celebrates two decades and a brand new adaptation. Sailor Scouts UNITE!