Other People Doing Hard Drugs: My Anti-Drug

The Philip DeFranco Show

Other People Doing Hard Drugs: My Anti-Drug

In today's show we talk about the crazy Brazil vs Germany game yesterday, adorable hedgehogs, the best/worst club promo video, Israel/Hamas updates, and everything else that mattered to me.

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ALL of Today's Stories:

Brazil Shut Down By Germany: http://bit.ly/1ql7oSj
Tiny Hedgehog B-Day: http://bit.ly/1qLdjlI
Dragon Age: Inquisition: http://bit.ly/1r9lJT8
BAMF Pilot: http://bit.ly/1rUsCKs
The Best/Worst Club Promo: http://bit.ly/1qLdfSK
Don't Do Drugs: http://bit.ly/1mh26Ig
Israel/Hamas Update: http://on.wsj.com/1je3Ylk

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