The Secrets of Color Correction


The Secrets of Color Correction

Bert shows us how to change colors on shirts, on cars and in our lives, through colorization.

This week, Bert changes the color in different images with a variety of colorization methods.

First, Bert alters a blue shirt to match the red color of another image with thecolor match function and path tool.
Next, a dull grey car is given life with a dramatic paint job by adjusting the mode of the paint brush (to color), outlining the car with the pen tool and filling in the color using hue/saturation.
Then, Bert selects only one color to change in a photograph of a taxi by using the selective color adjustment.
Finally, by selecting the lab color mode and inverting layers, Bert easily turns a red motorcycle into a myriad of new colors.

Don't forget to design and e-mail Bert a background for our green screen! Please send a jpg design with size 1280x720 pixels