3D Concepts in Illustrator: Map Art on 3D Invisible Shapes


3D Concepts in Illustrator: Map Art on 3D Invisible Shapes

You've asked for help with 3D concepts in Illustrator: Bert's going to show you how to wrap an invisible 3 dimensional shape made in the 3D Extrude and Bevel tool with Map Art tool. Curled ribbons for campaign posters are just the beginning!

"Lot of viewers have requested a lot of things in Illustator" says Bert Monroy so he's gonna give you some tools and concepts to play with in this essential art tool.

In this episode, Bert walks you thru some basic 3D concepts in Illustrator: making an invisible 3 dimensional effect using the 3D Extrude and Bevel tool, then using the Map Art tool to wrap a Symbol he's created around the 3D shape.

What's he creating? Custom graphics, in this case, star covered curled ribbons, using some basic drawings.

"It's what we map onto that invisible 3 dimensional shape that becomes the final illustration" says Bert. (By clicking the Invisible Geometry button in Map Art, the 3D shape disappears, and you have the mapped graphics all by themselves.)

This is just the beginning: Remember: the best way to learn is to sit there and play!

Got a question for Bert? Email him! bert@revision3.com