Blow Up Your Flickr Photos, Strange Videos & Back to School!


Blow Up Your Flickr Photos, Strange Videos & Back to School!

Sarah shows off an awesome way to blow up your Flickr photos and Moujan sheds some light on the Quarter-life Crisis!

Sarah's Awesome Pick of the Week:

The saddest, creepiest video Sarah's ever seen is called "pink" and happens to be part of a collection of original short films created by various directors for a campaign called Adicolor by Adidas.

Watch the other colors here! Let us know what you think of them on the forums.

The Gist

Google releases its highly-anticipated web browser called "Chrome"! Read more here!

Records have been broken, people! 38 million Americans watched Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech! Read more here! If you missed anything from the Democratic National Convention, watch at your leisure here.

And The Dark Knight is officially the second movie in history to gross $500 million! Read more here! And check out the money being made at the All-Time USA Box Office!

And finally, the original art of the notorious Rolling Stones tongue and lips has been sold! Read more <"" target="_blank">here!

Sarah's On the Prowl:

Enjoy your Flickr photos in their fullscreen glory with an awesome online photo management application called Blow Up!

Back to School with Moujan:

Moujan discusses the merits of going back to school and how to survive the Quarter-life Crisis, or QLC.

1. Keep in touch with friends via Facebook, Skype, and Gchat.

2. Your job sucks. Deal with it.

3. Don't turn to drugs. Instead, join the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or Teach For America.

4. Leave your significant other, you can do better.

5. Seek higher education.

Music with Heather: Bloc Party

Definitely check out Bloc Party's 2005 release Silent Alarm, and purchase their latest album Intimacy in digital form, physical form, or both at" "target="_blank">

More New Music:

Nightmares on Wax -" "target="_blank">Thought So...

Bon Iver -" "target="_blank">For Emma, Forever Ago

Daedelus -" "target="_blank">Love to Make Music To

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