Meet the founder of, Gina Bianchini, Firefox add-on tips, the science behind earbud headphones.


Meet the founder of, Gina Bianchini, Firefox add-on tips, the science behind earbud headphones.

Dr. Kiki dissects the innards of earbuds, while Sarah shows you some really cool Firefox add-ons, Moujan remixes a Scrabble board and Heather reviews the mystery-horror graphic novel, "Fell: Feral City"

Sarah's Trick: Want an easy way to highlight a portion of a webpage and send off to a friend? Awesome Highlighter

Rad Science: Learn more about how earbuds work and other totally rad science on Dr. Kiki's blog.

Chuck's Chopstick Chip Trick: Chuck's inspiration came from Gizmodo.

Guest Interview: Build your own social network at!

Remix: Create a magnificent Scrabble Bulletin Board using your old Scrabble game Inspired by:


* Old scrabble game, with letter tiles.

* Metal thumb tacks

* Strong holding glue, such as quick-setting epoxy or superglue

* 4 8" x 5.8" nails

* Drill

* Sandpaper

* Foam board

* Creativity

* A little patience (depending on the glue you use)


1. Drill a hole on each corner of your Scrabble board. Drill holes slightly smaller than the nails you will use.

2. Glue or paperclip the foam board to the back of your Scrabble board.

2. Sand the back of each tile with the sandpaper.

3. Glue the metal thumtacks to the back of each tile.

3. When the epoxy has cured (overnight), or superglue dried (hours), nail your board to the wall

4. Put in the thumbtacks. Attach your notes. You are done!

5. For kicks, drill two holes on a wooden tile rack. Either nail it to the board or under the board. You got somewhere to put your pen.

With extra tiles, you can create a Scrabble coaster


*Scrabble letter tiles

*Strong holding glue, such such as quick-setting epoxy or superglue

*The ability to create words with Scrabble

Directions (5x5 coaster)

1.First take some time and use your Scrabble power to find some words for a 5x5 space.

2. Fill in the empty spaces with excess tiles by simply turning the tiles over .

2. Glue!

3. You are done!

4. Dance!

Sarah's On The Prowl:

With Firefox 3 Beta 5 out, Sarah wanted to see which of her favorite extensions would survive the leap.

1. Greasemonkey -

Two of Sarah's favorite Greasemonkey scripts

a) Flickr Refer Comments:

b) Digg Later/Instapaper:


2. URLFixer -

Verdict: SURVIVED!

3. CustomizeGoogle -

Verdict: SURVIVED!

The Fringe: If you don't scare too easily, get your hands on a copy of Fell: Feral City written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Ben Templesmith.