Yammer, Death of the Album Cover & Rock Band Muse!


Yammer, Death of the Album Cover & Rock Band Muse!

Sarah reveals a hot, new tool that helps you be more productive, Moujan talks about the sad death of the album cover & Heather divulges one of her all-time favorite bands!

Sarah's Pick of the Week:

Check out the creepy and amazing legged art car from this year's Burning Man! Neat, huh?

The Gist Pesky hackers are messing with planet Earth! Read more here!

The Chemical Brothers are signed on to produce MGMT's second album! Read more here!

A catchy condom ring-tone is a hit in India! here!

Download the ring-tone for yourself here!

Sarah's On the Prowl: Yammer

Sarah shows off a cool, new and FREE Twitter-like microblogging tool for businesses called Yammer. It won top prize at this year's TechCrunch50, and it allows users of a company or organization to share status updates via Twitter-sized blurbs about work-related stuff (ask questions, share ideas, news, links)! It also helps keep some pressure off of your constantly inundated email inbox!

Death of the Album Cover with Moujan:

Is album cover art dead? It is to Moujan.

Take time to appreciate (bad) cover art at Bizarre Records.com.

Music with Heather: Muse

One of Heather's all-time top 10 favorite music groups is English rock band, Muse. Heather would seriously consider having lead singer Matthew Bellamy's babies and loves the following albums:

New Music:

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini

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