How to Create a Life-Sized Pinhole Camera


How to Create a Life-Sized Pinhole Camera

Dr. Kiki creates a life-sized DIY pinhole camera, Moujan transforms an ordinary cereal box into something miraculous and Heather reviews a tragicomic graphic memoir.

The Gist

Story #1: A strange pulsar has been discovered! Space discoveries are cool! Read more here.

Story #2: The Alchemist is being made into a movie and Laurence Fishburne will direct and star. Read more about it here.

Story #3: Hello Kitty has been officially named the Japan Tourism Ambassador. Read more about this funny bit of news "target="_blank">here.

Rad Science: DIY pinhole camera

To build your own, you'll need the following:

  • Room with kick-ass view
  • Good camera
  • Black Visqueen paper or any light-absorbing blackout paper
  • Electric or gaffer tape
  • Cardboard pinhole cut-outs which you can make yourself

Get more rad science from Dr. Kiki's blog.

Sarah's Tricks: Make your very own custom font!

Want to create your very own font family from scratch? Then visit FontStruct here and start building!

You can also download other folks' custom fonts as well. Some are really unique and professional.

Want to download Sarah's "Kindergarten at Best" font? It's right here.

Remix: Create an aesthetically pleasing gift box from cereal box!


  • Cereal Box
  • Exacto Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Cutting board

Directions (from

  1. Open your cereal box!
  2. Lay the box color side down and your gift on top. Using the creases already in the box, measure the length of your gift, and draw that line the entire width of the box.
  3. Using your gift as a guide, measure the width of the gift, and draw a vertical line. Turn it ninety degrees, and mark again. Continue marking the entire perimeter of the gift: front, left side, back, right side.
  4. Next, measure and mark the depth of the gift on both the top and bottom. Take advantage of the box's creases whenever you can. Add a 1/2" to the bottom, and 1 1/2" to the top.
  5. Leaving the top flap on the left side, cut your box. Note the top and the bottom are attached to the third side, which will be the face of the final folded box.
  6. Lay the straight edge on top of each of your pencil lines. Use the knife to lightly score each line which you'll fold. You want to cut about half way through the thickness of the cardboard.
  7. Fold your box into its final shape. Note the excess on the tops and bottom. Use a pencil to mark this line. Then take the excess and bend it over to match.
  8. On the top, create an arrow shape by cutting the corners at a 45-degree angle only in front of the pencil line. This should look like the tab that you find on top of a cereal box. 11. Measure the width of the tab a specific length, such as 1/2". Measure that same length from the top edge on the back side of the box, and make a slice the width of the tab. Tuck the tab into the slot, and adjust as necessary.
  9. Finally, glue the wings of the box.
  10. You are done! Put a gift inside.

Inspired by:

The Fringe: A very poignant and humorous graphic novel called "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic".

Get your copy here.