Awesome Full-Screen Image Viewing, Moujan Says: Vote or Die & Top 10 Canadian Bands!


Awesome Full-Screen Image Viewing, Moujan Says: Vote or Die & Top 10 Canadian Bands!

Sarah shows off a 3-D browser experience, plus Moujan on the importance of voting and top 10 bands hailing from Canada!

Sarah's Pick of the Week: Cool Wall Decals!

Sarah says you can do all your holiday shopping online! Start by sprucing up your house (or a loved one's) with really cheery wall decals from Blik! Great for people who love pretty things but are too lazy to paint or apply wallpaper.

Sarah's favorite decals:

The Gist:

Facebook is pushing into the digital music business! Read more here!

Sony's got a new line of dancing robots! See them in action here!

And finally, a 105-year-old virgin woman claims that NO SEX EVER has made her live so long! Yeah, uh-huh. Read more here!

Sarah's On the Prowl: Experience Your Life Online in 3-D!

View all your favorite visual stuff online (Flickr photos, YouTube videos, shoe galleries) in full-screen with the awesome Firefox add-on, Cooliris!

Moujan Says: Vote or Die!

With the election less than 2 weeks away, MZ is freaking out and wants to make sure we all vote. However, one of her biggest pet peeves are ignorant voters. So, come election day, don't anger MZ and fail America: GET TO KNOW THE ISSUES BEFORE YOU VOTE.

And how? Read your election guide or look at one online. Check out NYTimes, MSN, Washington Post, Google, and CNN - to name a few.

Music with Sarah & Heather:

Top 10 Canadian Bands (in no particular order):

  1. Sunset Rubdown
  2. The Dears
  3. The New Pornographers
  4. Tegan and Sara
  5. Godspeed You Black Emperor!
  6. K-OS
  7. Peaches
  9. Feist
  10. Stars

Check out the work of French music video director, Vincent Moon at La Blogotheque, The Take-away Shows, The Black Cab Sessions, and his latest project, an interactive map of all his videos according to shoot location called Temporary Areas.

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