DIY Headphones, the Art of Trapeze & Magic of Magnets!


DIY Headphones, the Art of Trapeze & Magic of Magnets!

Hand-crafted Easter bunnies, the science behind magnets, Twitter image tools, create your own headphones from scratch, snow tech, and trapeze is the new black.

The Founder/CEO of Instructables, Eric Wilhelm, creates noise-cancelling headphones in one minute! Check out more awesome do-it-yourself projects with step-by-step instructions at

Rad Science:
Dr. Kiki dazzles us with the science behind everyday refrigerator magnets.
Read more about this and other sciencey things at Kiki's blog,

On the Prowl:
Sarah's finally learning to love Twitter with these handy image tools:

Twitxr: Twitter clone with photo uploading capabilities.

TwitterGram: Easy Flickr-to-Twitter post capabilities through tags.

Sarah and Jessica discover handmade Easter bunnies for sale!
Etsy Store (username 'makeitawesome')
Sarah found it via Mighty Goods, a shopping blog by Maggie Mason.

Heather reaches new heights and takes on the flying trapeze.
Learn more about the art of this fear-defying fringe sport at and the Trapeze School of New York .

Nerd Bird Neha heads up to the mountains to test out some snow gadgetry.

Gire TuneUps Wireless Kit - G10

Mammut PULSE Barryvox Avalanche Beacon

Garmin Rino 530HCx 2 way radio and GPS

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Action Helmet Camera

Bula Nano Earphone Bomber Stereohead

Expression of the Week:
"Drink Like a Fish" -- check out more word meanings and origins at

Get more riveting misinformation, like "aibohphobia" or the fear of palindromes at the Wikipedia parody site,

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