How to Create Fire From a Pair of Eyeglasses


How to Create Fire From a Pair of Eyeglasses

Dr. Kiki creates fire from a pair of glasses, Moujan transforms an empty wine bottle into a lamp and Heather reveals an underground band who hails from Tokyo!

The Gist

Story #1: Ex-Talking Heads singer David Byrne is transforming a building into a musical instrument! Read more here
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Story #2: 570,000 cigarette-selling vending machines in Japan are being prepared to identify underage smokers by counting wrinkles on their faces! Read more here.

Story #3: Three teenagers in a small town north of Houston were arrested for using a skull as a bong! Read more here.

Rad Science: The Science of Eyeglasses and Fire

Learn more about the how eyeglasses create fire and other totally rad science on Dr. Kiki's blog.

Sarah's Tricks:

Want to take your Firefox browser tab organization to the next level? Then install an extension called Tab Mix Plus:

Not only can you save multiple profiles (like news, blogs, or your favorite forums) and launch them based on what you want to read during the day, but once you've closed a tab and want to get it back, a right-click saves you!

This tip came from our viewer Mekkel Richards. Thanks, Mekkel!

Remix: Transform an empty bottle into a fancy mood lamp


1. Empty bottle (ex: wine bottle)

2. LED push light

3. 9 - 10 Cardboard of cork coasters

4. Epoxy glue

5. Knife or Scissors


1. Empty the bottle!

2. Trace your LED light on a coaster and cut out a hole, using scissor or knife. Cut enough coasters to cover the height of LED light.

3. Place the cut coasters over 2 or 3 non-cut coasters. Glue it all together.

4. Place the LED light inside the coaster hole.

5. Place your bottle over your LED light.


Inspired by: Instructables

The Fringe:

Devo-inspired New Wave Synthpop Punk Band, Polysics Visit their official site.