Superheroes, FriendFeed & Fleet Foxes!

Sarah Lane shows off FriendFeed and a hipper URL shortener while Moujan reveals some real-life superheroes, plus tons of movie stuff, music and more!

Sarah's Pick of the Week:

Create a shorter link with It's a much prettier URL shortener than the clunky TinyURL!

The Gist


The ultimate music game Rock Band 2's set-list is revealed! Check out the entire list here. And in related news, Guns N’ Roses is releasing a song available exclusively on Rock Band 2 from their upcoming album "Chinese Democracy" that isn't even out yet! Learn more here.


Comic-Con just announced an incredible line-up of awesome upcoming comic book, science fiction and horror movies we can look forward to in the coming months. Check out the full list here.

Don't be left behind! Get up to speed on the life-span of Batman's archenemy The Joker.


Church cancels gun giveaway for teens! Ravers lose sight at Russia laser show! Man breaks record by sitting in 39,250 seats!

New DVD Pick:

Fresh out on DVD is Kataude mashin gâru, or Machine Girl. A Japanese schoolgirl takes revenge on a ninja Yakuza family responsible for cutting off her arm. Flying guillotines, a drill bra, tempura, and lots of splattering blood makes it great fun for the whole family.

Internet with Sarah:

Sarah's latest internet preoccupation is "FriendFeed", a social networking feed aggregator where you can can keep up-to-date on the websites, photos, videos and music that your friends are sharing! FriendFeed!

I Can Read! with Moujan:

Learn more about real life Superheroes:

  1. NYC women-defending Terrifica (now retired)
  2. Superbarrio, defender of justice
  3. The citizen hero from Clearwater Florida, Superhero
  4. Citizen!
  5. Real Life Superhero Film (documentary)

Music with Heather: "Fleet Foxes"

Heather's band pick this week is the indie folk band from Seattle called "Fleet Foxes". Get your hands on their self-titled debut album Fleet Foxes and journey through peaceful dreamscapes.

New Music:

U.N.K.L.E. - End Titles: Stories for Film

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton

Plus, check out Sarah's awesome eMusic playlist!