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  • Sarah Lane

    Sarah Lane


    Sarah Lane is a television and Internet personality as well as an avowed cat fanatic. She is most notable for hosting a number of shows on the TWiT.tv network, including Tech News Today, iPad Today and The Social Hour. She was also previously known for hosting TechTV's The Screen Savers, G4's Attack of the Show! and Revision3's popSiren.

    One of Sarah's first jobs was segment producing in San Jose, CA, for a TV show called New Media News. In those years the first internet bubble had not yet burst, and she spent a large chunk of her time interviewing 25-year old CEOs about their Next Big Things. Sarah would like to say that during these interviews she had the incredible foresight to see through all of their fatally flawed business models, but that would be a bit of an embellishment.

    As the Senior Segment Producer for a computer-centric show called "The Screen Savers" at TechTV in San Francisco, Sarah's daily subject matter got her even more hooked on all things geeky. Ok, maybe not all things. But many things. Many things geeky. Anyway, after a couple of years, Sarah moved into an on-camera position, which gave her the ability to share her many things geeky with a very large audience while wearing lipstick and eyeshadow. She often brushed her hair, too.

    In 2004, Sarah migrated south to Los Angeles to work for G4 and was the first female co-host of the network's daily live variety hour "Attack of the Show!" She lived in Santa Monica and ate a lot of Mexican food and occasionally wore hair extensions and false eyelashes on the set. LA was fun.

    In 2006, Sarah took a year off to travel the world. Highlights included Turkish baths, the Trans-Mongolian Express, and loose definitions of toilets in the Indian subcontinent. After a year abroad, she was anxious to get back to her tech roots and join the Internet television revolution.

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