Build Your Own Microscope, Altoid Recycling Tips, Web 2.0 Mix Tapes

Dr. Kiki explores the inner workings of microscopes while our Magic Creator, Moujan Z, remixes empty Altoid cans, Sarah makes you a a Muxtape and Heather goes fencing!

Rad Science:
Dr. Kiki builds her own rudimentary microscope and explains the history behind them and the intricacies of how they work.

On the Prowl:
Make Your Own Retro Mixtapes!

1. Muxtape
Create a custom URL, then organize a great music mix with your uploaded mp3 files. Limited customization, but simple and fun to share with friends.

2. Mixwit
Create a music mix from web-based music sources Skreemr and Seeqpod (you don't have to own the music!). Design your tape with a custom photo and colors. then embed your finished mixtape as a playable widget on your blog or social network.

Transform an Altoid container into a useful container/compact!

This is what you'll need:
- Altoid cans (appx. $2)
- Golden regular gel gloss (appx. $8 for 8 oz)
- A thick paint brush (appx. $2)
- Gold acrylic paint (appx. $5 for 8 oz)
- Paper/magazine cutouts – depends on what you like
- Optional, 1.5 x 3 in cut mirror pieces – We found ours from another compact at a local drugstore

And here are step-by-step instructions:
1. Brush a little bit of gel medium on the top cover of the altoid can. Do nott put on too much or it might get too watery.
2. Glue down the cutouts – and once you are done with the top, do the same with the bottom. Remember to have the can closed the entire time so there is room for the can to open and close.
3. Let everything dry for a bit.
4. You can either collage the bottom of the can (or the entire inside of it), or you can paint it with acrylic paint
5. Cut out a couple of 1.7 cm strips of paper and begin lining the inside edges of the altoid can. Try not to get any glue inside of the hinges, because it will be very difficult to pick it out.
6. Optional, for the ladies, you can put a small piece of 1.5 x 3 mirror piece inside, held by the gel medium.

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Sarah's Trick:
Convert music files to mp3's within iTunes

Some music services like Muxtape and Tumblr only allow mp3 uploads. If you've got a big iTunes music collection of mp4, aac, aiff, or other files, you might not be able to make the most of your online options.

To easily convert your files to mp3's within iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Go into iTunes Preferences
2. Click the "Advanced" tab
3. Click the "Importing" tab
4. In the "Import Using" dropdown menu, choose "MP3 Encoder"
5. Go back to any song file within your iTunes collection, right-click and choose "Convert Selection to MP3"
6. You're done!

Keep in mind that this trick only works on DRM-free music. If you have a big DRM-enabled music collection that you purchased through iTunes, you need to convert to iTunes Plus (which is still limited in choices and requires more payment).

The Fringe:
Fencing is an art that involves stabbing and bludgeoning with really neat ancient swords. I attended the San Francisco Fencers' Club

Jake & Amir:
Laugh your ass off at more action-packed office shenanigans of Jake & Amir at and

Insect Trivia:
Trivia is fun! Get a multitude of fun facts at