Sarah's Stripe Obsession & Shocking Political Campaign Ads!


Sarah's Stripe Obsession & Shocking Political Campaign Ads!

Sarah makes stripes, shocking political campaign ads, Tropic Thunder and awesome new music!

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The Gist

The GPhone is about ready to launch! Read more here!

Tropic Thunder steals The Dark Knight's thunder in the weekend box office! Read more here!

And finally, four new U2 tracks were overhead and recorded from Bono blasting them on his stereo! Read more here!

Sarah's On the Prowl:

Sarah loves stripes. Make fancy striped background images for your website, iPhone or computer desktop with this fun site for stripe-lovers,!

Political Campaigns with Moujan:

Moujan explores the world of negative campaign ads. Think negative ads are mean today? Hell naw. Check out the campaign posters and pamphlets from early American politics at the Library of Congress.

To learn more about negative campaigns, visit the wonderful Wikipedia or open a history book!

Music with Heather: The Walkmen

New material is finally out from New York-based rock band The Walkmen, and it's called" "target="_blank">You & Me. Also, be sure to check out one of Heather's all-time favorite albums from 2002, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone.

More New Music:

The Verve -" "target="_blank">Forth

Stereolab -" "target="_blank">Chemical Chords

Lindstrom -" "target="_blank">Where You Go I Go Too

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