Unique online communities, how CDs and DVDs actually work and DIY Grillz


Unique online communities, how CDs and DVDs actually work and DIY Grillz

Sarah shows you some really cool and different online communities, Dr. Kiki delves into the science of CDs and DVDs and Moujan creates some DIY ghetto-fabulous grillz.

Rad Science: The Inner-workings of CDs and DVDs Learn more about the how CDs and DVDs actually work and other totally rad science on Dr. Kiki's blog.

All you need for your very own hand-crafted record needle:

  • paper shaped into a cone
  • sewing needle

Sarah's On the Prowl:

Tired of Twitter, Facebook, and Digg? Us either. But that doesn't mean you can't have a good time on more specialized social networks, too.

Here are two of Sarah's favorites:

Wordie - http://wordie.org

THE place for word snobs, dictionary enthusiasts, Scrabulous competitors, or just anyone looking to enjoy expanding their vocabulary.

Corkd - http://corkd.com

A great way to remember the great wine you had, categorize your favorite vintages, and share your collection with your friends. A great online organization system for wine connoisseurs with big collections to keep track of, or for wine novices looking to keep tabs on what they liked best and get new recommendations.

Remix: Be a hit at the office with the best and most useful DIY ever, SWEET ASS GRILLZ:


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Decorations (better not use anything you don't want in your mouth - like paint)
  3. Scissors


  1. Cut the aluminum foil into two pieces, about the size of your mouth
  2. Wrap one to the top and one to the bottom row of your mouth. Cut/adjust to size.
  3. Take the foil out of your mouth and decorate
  4. Put the grill back in your mouth.
  5. Smile, laugh and make the thizz face often in public locations
  6. Celebrate your success

Sarah's Trick:

If you're an OS X user, you might be familiar with the Grab keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+4. But with a free program called GrabUp (grabup.com), you get even better functionality. Just grab your selection, then copy and paste the automatically generated URL anywhere to save/share your selection. GrabUp also saves your recent grabs for easy access later.

The Fringe: Graphic Novel, Fray

Get your hands on your very own copy of the futuristic tale of spunky vampire-fligher Melaka Fray.