The Science of Flame & Burning Money


The Science of Flame & Burning Money

Dr. Kiki burns cash and discusses combustion and flammability, while Moujan gives an unforgettable history lesson and Heather reviews an electro-pop group that involves apes and androids.

The Gist

Story #1: Humans can see into the future! And the reason why we're tricked by optical illusions! Read more here.

Story #2: A couple from Vancouver sold their baby on Craigslist! here.

Story #3: Ben moved the island in Lost, but not physically. It's all Relativity!" "target="_blank">here.

Special Guest: Author Andrew Keen

Check out Andrew Keen's blog The Great Seduction. And purchase your own copy of The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture here.

Rad Science: The science of combustion, flammability, plus a money-burning party trick

Get more rad science at Dr. Kiki's blog.

Sarah's On the Prowl: Plurk: the new Twitter!?

Try the new Twitter clone at Will you convert?

Awesome History with Moujan: -Gate Suffix

Learn more about the -gate suffix by visiting the -gate suffix Wikipedia page.

The Fringe: Electro-pop band Apes & Androids

Get hooked like Heather did on the genre-melding Prince-Beck-Bowie-Queen-esque experimental band Apes & Androids. You can also purchase their album Blood Moon here. It'll make you wanna throw a dance party!