Office Olympics, Daytrotter & Invisibility!


Office Olympics, Daytrotter & Invisibility!

The 2008 Office Olympics, plus listen to your favorite bands for FREE on Daytrotter & drive more efficiently with Fuelly!

Sarah's Pick of the Week:

Listen to free music and exclusive live sessions of your favorite and upcoming indie bands at, a website for the recording studio Futureappletree Studio One which hosts "drive-by" sessions with popular bands as they pass through town!

The Gist:

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games have begun! Read more here!

The Dark Knight is truly unstoppable, powering its way up to 3rd place on the list of all-time box office ticket sales in the USA! Read more here!

And finally, invisibility FTW! Read more here!

Sarah's On the Prowl:

Share, track, compare and improve your gas mileage at! Be sure to check out their Awesome Tips to learn fancy ways to save gas, like paying attention to your RPMs and keeping your filters clean!

The Olympics with Moujan:

This week Moujan provides insight into how to host the Olympics in the office.

Top 5 Scariest and Most Unappealing Olympic Mascots:

  1. Schuss, from the 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble.
  2. Cobi, from the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.
  3. Amik, from the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.
  4. Athena and Phevos, from the 2004 Summer Games in Athens.
  5. And lastly, Izzy, from the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, GA.

To learn about more Olympic Mascots, visit the official site.

Music with Heather: Amazing Baby

One thing I can say about Heather's latest band fixation is that it's truly... AMAZING. Amazing Baby's EP "Invisible F***ing Cross" is FREE to download at!

More New Music:

The Notwist -" "target="_blank">Neon Golden is a classic. But also check out their latest album" "target="_blank">The Devil, You + Me, it'll grow on you.

Shearwater -" "target="_blank">Rook

And finally, a little gem for all you metalheads out there: Genghis Tron -" "target="_blank">Board Up the House

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