Music Festivals 2.0, Dark Secrets Online & Listen to Your Friends' Music!


Music Festivals 2.0, Dark Secrets Online & Listen to Your Friends' Music!

Sarah analyzes the culture of the Outside Lands music festival, divulge your secrets online & share your music library via iTunes!

The popSiren gals attended the huge San Francisco rock music festival "Bougie-fest" Outside Lands and ate a lot of fancy food including (but not limited to): green power balls, nori rolls, veggie love juice, veggie burgers topped with point reyes blue cheese, maize-wiches, and organic pluots.

The Gist

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Warner Brothers is suing an indian film company over the title of an upcoming film called "Hari Puttar"! Sounds fishy, right? Read more here!

And finally, you may, quite literally, be able to smell danger in the air! Read more target="_blank">here!

Sarah's On the Prowl:

Listen to your friends' music libraries via iTunes with SimplifyMedia!

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Music Festival Fashion with Moujan:

Moujan reflects upon the interesting fashion of music festivals, from the 1950s to today.

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Music with Heather: Black Mountain

Heather enjoys chilling out to Vancouver-based psychedelic rock band Black Mountain. Check out their sophomore album" "target="_blank">In the Future. It rocks.

More New Music:

Black Keys -" "target="_blank">Attack and Release

Brazilian Girls -" "target="_blank">New York City

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