How do LEDs work? DIY Punk Rock t-shirts, Good Magazine

Dr. Kiki reveals the Science inside LEDs, Sarah gives some helpful web tutorials, Jessica makes rocker t-shirts, Good Magazine pushes our limits and Heather reviews a weird and wonderful musician in The Fringe.

Good Magazine's Editor-in Chief, Zach Frechette, tells us that we should give a damn. And, his reasons why are very good! Check out Good's perspective on modern society and culture at, or pick up the hard copy at your local newsstand.

Rad Science:
Dr. Kiki explains how LEDs work and boy, is it technical!
Don't forget to check out "The Bird's Brain" aka Kiki's blog at


Sarah's On the Prowl: Helpful Web Tutorials
1. CommonCraft - From their "Twitter in Plain English" video to their tutorial on how RSS works, the videos here will help you, or someone you know, better understand some of the web's newer concepts.
2. Demogirl - Author Molly McDonald tests out websites, services, and programs (so you don't have to). Watch her 2-3 minutes screencasts and decide what's worth registering for!

Make your own rock t-shirts like Miss Corbin does! This is what you need:

  • 100% cotton T-shirt (medium to dark color, pre-washed)
  • clear vinyl self-adhesive shelf paper (other good materials include: poster board, magnets, wood blocks)
  • spray bottle
  • Bleach & H20
  • permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • stacks of newspaper

Then, follow these steps:
1. Create a template with your image or design of choice to print on your shirt.
2. Cut out image with your craft knife and place the image on top of the vinyl shelf paper (or thick material of your choice, see above) and trace it with a permanent marker. This will be your stencil(s).
3. Place the stencil on the shirt in desired location.
4. Insert a thick layer of newspaper inside the t-shirt to make sure the bleach doesn't dye the back of the shirt.
5. Spray your half H20, half bleach concoction from spray bottle directly on the cut-outs on the shirt. Hold down your cut-outs with your gloved hand and watch your shirt change color.
6. Keep spraying the bleach until you reach the desired color, run it under cold water then throw it in the wash. And, voilà! Instant rock threads!

For even more details, and some other cool methods including using a bleach stick, check out the DIY Network

Sarah's trick:
Viewer Jeremy (AKA "JSatt" on our forums) made a kickass Greasemonkey script that integrates Instapaper and!

Here's how you get it running:

1. Sign up for an Instapaper account. Free at
2. Install the Greasemonkey script in Firefox
3. Install the Digg Later script
4. Login to and enjoy your new "Digg Later" options!

The Fringe: Heather showcases a wacky Baltimore-based electronic musician who goes by the name of Dan Deacon.
Check out his site (which is almost finished) at
Or, head on over to the ol' YouTube and search for "Crystal Castles" and his other videos there!
Also, Jimmy Joe Roche, director of "Crystal Castles" has more of his work on his site

ABC Lyrics Quiz:
Test out your rock lyric knowledge with this quiz
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