CNET's Natali Del Conte on tech, stalkers, and...pregnancy?

Sarah Lane interviews Natali Del Conte of CNET's 'Loaded', Kiki talks about the future of robots at RoboGames, and

The Gist

Story #1: The Incredible Hulk powers its way to the top of the box office and has one of the coolest on-screen man-monster transformations to date! here. Story #2: Unicorns exist! here.

Story #3: Headlines!

Rad Science: Dr. Kiki heads to the world's largest robot competition, RoboGames to see where the science and technology of robots are leading us. Will it be domination or co-existence?

Get more rad science at Dr. Kiki's blog.

Sarah's On the Prowl: Unbiased online car repair advice!

Get your car troubles diagnosed at

Amazing History with Moujan: Crying Sumo

This week, Moujan talked about the Crying Sumo or “Nakizumo” festival, held annually in Japan. Children crying + sumo wrestlers = <3

The Fringe: Awesome Band Alert - Bat For Lashes

Heather's band pick this week is half-British half-Pakistani multi-instrumentalist/visual artist Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan.

Check out her video "What's a Girl To Do?" here.

And get her album "Fur & Gold" here.

Top 10 List: Weird Foods

  1. Deep fried Coca Cola
  2. Ice cream that tastes like snow
  3. Edible martini inside a cucumber
  4. Savory lollipops
  5. Cheeseburger in a can
  6. Pizza beer
  7. Pepsi cucumber soda
  8. Head-shaped bread loafs
  9. Buzz donut and bagels
  10. Mash cone

Runner Up: Cat poo coffee