popSiren takes Treasure Island Festival by storm! Hot Chip Interview & New TV on the Radio!


popSiren takes Treasure Island Festival by storm! Hot Chip Interview & New TV on the Radio!

The popSiren girls take the show to an ISLAND, the Treasure Island Music Festival! An exclusive interview with Hot Chip, new music from TV on the Radio & hipsters galore!

It's all about the Treasure Island Music Festival in this edition of popSiren!

Sarah's Pick of the Week: How do you define "indie" music?

Sarah Lane answers the nagging question "what is "indie" music?" once and for all!

The Gist: Special Music Edition!

There's a new TV on the Radio video from their new album Dear Science, called Golden Age. Monk cops and animal heads FTW! Check it out <youtube.com/watch?v=K0gghjczAt0 target="_blank">here!

Check out the amazingly awesome Vampire Weekend videos by French director Vincent Moon on Take Away Shows! Videos include Mansard Weekend, The Kids Don't Stand a Change & Walcott!

And finally, Eminem is back, threatening us with a new album out at the end of the year! Read more here!

Exclusive Band Interviews:

Learn more about the unclassifiable, booty-shaking British pop band Hot Chip!

We recommend you grab your headphones ASAP and listen to the following gems from Hot Chip:

Made In the Dark

amazon.com/Warning-Hot-Chip/dp/B000FBFSVU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1222288639&sr=1-2 target="_blank">The Warning

Heather's favorite tracks are as follows: Out at the Pictures, Shake a Fist & Over and Over

Hipsters are Scary with Moujan:

MZ is scared of hipsters. You should be scared as well.

Why hipsters scare her:

1. Their clothing

2. Their hair

3. Their attitude

4. Their way of talk

5. Their love of neon clothing

6. Their musical tastes

7. Their so called "thrifty" attitude

8. Their love for American Apparel

9. Their constant denial of their hipster identity

MZ does not mean to offend. She is sure that hipsters are very nice people with charming personalities.

Music with Heather: TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio rocked Treasure Island with songs from their epic new album: Dear Science,
Favorite record from 2004: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

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