Sarah says: vote, vote & vote! Plus, Bad TV and Music from Sweden!


Sarah says: vote, vote & vote! Plus, Bad TV and Music from Sweden!

Sarah implores you to vote, plus Moujan reveals the worst TV shows in history and a Swedish music round-up!

Sarah's Pick of the Week: Register to vote, OR ELSE!

It's all about Barack Obama, John McCain and the upcoming election right now and it's super important stuff! It's so much easier than you think to register to vote. Just go to Rock the Vote, enter your information, print your document and send it off! All you need is a stamp. Then, VOTE! You'll feel great about yourself, trust us.

The Gist:

A new iteration of the Nintendo DS has a camera and music player! Read more here!

Ghostbusters 3, really?! Read more here!

And finally, some strange headlines from the popSiren Assignment Desk:

Horny Goat Weed may offer Viagra alternative! Read more here!

Iowa man faces charges after hugging officer! Read more < target="_blank">here!

Man nabbed at airport with 200 birds in bag! Read more < target="_blank">here!

Sarah's On the Prowl: Vote, PLEASE! Thank you.

Sarah shows off MySpace "MyDebates", an interactive site where you can watch and re-watch the debates, bone up on all the pertinent political issues and debate with your friends! Go, NOW! Being smart and informed is SEXY.

Bad TV with Moujan:

MZ discusses three of the worst TV shows ever made.

Learn more about the horrible shows mentioned:

1. My Mother the Car - Where a man owns a car that is haunted by the voice of his deceased mother. Fun for the whole family. Check out some of the clips from YouTube!

2. COP ROCK - A cop drama musical brain f*ck, from the creator of NYPD Blue. YouTube it. It's totally worth it.

3. and finally, Manimal - Watch as Dr. Jonathan Chase turns into an animal IN THE NUDE. YOUTUBE, Y'ALL.

Music with Heather: The Knife

One of Heather's favorite electronic music groups is Swedish brother-sister duo, The Knife. Check out the following albums:

Deep Cuts

Silent Shout

The Knife

New Music: We've Gone Nordic!

1. Abba

2. The Hives

3. The Cardigans

4. Ace of Base

And lastly, Kanye West's new single Love Lockdown has mixed reviews. We think it's pretty cheesy. Do you like that vocoder sound? Let's us know what you think in our forums!

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