Post Apocalyptic

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  • Our End Of The World Fantasy

    Whitney, Candace, and Filup discuss The Anarchist Cookbook, social media, the Jonas Brothers, and so much more on this week's TableTalk!


  • Black Bullet on Anime Club!

    Reina and Will review Black Bullet on Anime Club!

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Become an Amorphous Blob in MUSHROOM 11 - Adam Sessler Interviews from the PAX Indie Minibooth

    Adam stopped by the Indie Minibooth at this year's PAX Prime to check out Mushroom 11, the unique looking puzzle-platformer where you guide an amorphic blob through a 2D post-apocalyptic wasteland. Watch as he chats with Untame Games's Itay Keren about their inspiration and plans for the recently funded indie game!

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  • What Makes a Good Post-Apocalyptic Game? CASUAL FRIDAY

    Okay, so, maybe those Mayans were wrong about the apocalypse, but that won't stop all those post-apocalyptic games from coming out. What makes the good ones good, and the bad ones bad?


  • NEW Free to Play Shooter Hawken from E3 2012: First Gameplay Impressions

    We're really excited about this upcoming free-to-play, first person shooter called Hawken. Watch our impressions of the first gameplay from E3!


  • Hawken: The Battle Mech Free to Play FPS! Interview with the Producer at E3 2012

    Hawken is the upcoming, post-apocalyptic, battle mech-based first person shooter for PC. To get all the info on what we can expect in the unique free to play shooter, Anthony Carboni interviews the game's producer, Jason Hughes.


  • Zombie Stop Go Animation and a Post Apocalyptic Movie!

    On today's episode, we bust out trailers for ParaNorman, The Innkeepers & The Divide!

    Film State