HALO Wingsuit Jump - The Breakdown: Red Dawn

Richard Ryan does a High Altitude Low Opening or HALO, wingsuit jump!

Red Dawn Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl8WlbSL0AU

Special Thanks to: Kevin for all the wingsuit modifications and keeping me safe!


If you want to do a HALO jump check out his calendar.

Joel Hindman for being the badass camera flyer you are! Check out his 4 ½ + minute flight from our 2nd ride up at 30,000 feet.

Thanks to Mike Mullins for flying the heck out of that King Air! http://www.skydivekingair.com/

Thanks for the 0 g's!

Thanks to the following:

Recon Instruments for the AMAZING flight HUD in my goggles

Robi for hooking up the wingsuit on such short notice!

DC at the Best Buy in Memphis for hooking up the GoPro Hero 3 Black editions... DUDE!!!! I can't thank you enough! You rock bro!

Mom and Becky for letting me keep doing this stuff because it makes me happy even though you sometimes have to see things that might make you cry :)

All of my fans who support me in every project I do. I get to live vicariously through myself in hopes that you get to see something cool.

All the trolls who don't understand that I do what I do because I love every second I get to do it even if I don't make money at it.

For all of those who have made it this far you'll probably appreciate some of my favorite wingsuit videos here: (the line at 3:09 in the 1st video is probably one of the sickest I've seen)

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