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  • Mind Reading is Real?!

    A group of researchers at the Radbound University in the Netherlands have developed a way to produce images of letters that a person is reading from MRI scans of the brain. Scott explains how this may be the first step in the ability to read minds.

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  • Stick a News Ticker on OS X's Desktop

    Stay up to date on the news of the world, with Retickr. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how this app can bring the headlines right to your desktop.

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  • Bash History Tricks

    In this bash basics HakTip, we're covering bash history tricks.


  • SSD Blue Screen of Death! Ice Cream Sandwich? Android OS 4! SSD Buyer's Guide, Sharp ELITE HDTVs: Best Ever? Goodbye Dennis Ritchie, New Nexus & More

    New Android phones: RAZR vs. Galaxy Nexus, Sandforce SSD blue screen of death fixed, and Anandtech's picks for solid state drives: OCZ, Intel or Samsung??? I'm paying for 16Mbps down, why do I never get more than 4Mbps from Cox Cable? Can you wear out a hard drive? Defrag your HD, it'll run faster, and we've got a free too: iObit's SmartDefrag. Are there any prescription 3D glasses out there? And Google's Infinite Digital Bookcase is way cool!


  • FitBit Ultra Review, iPhone 4S Hands-On, Your First $100 in Tech Tools! RSS Reader Roundup, Amazon is Publishing Books, Octoberkast and More!

    Sh*tThatSiriSays, Veronica loves the FitBit, how does the FitBit Ultra hold up? iPhone 4S: Siri, the camera, and how about the stabilization on 1080p video? GPlusGlobe! Which RSS reader should I use? Geek starter-kit: your first $100 in tech tools! (most people need just ONE screwdriver!) and Amazon to publish 122 Books this fall.


  • Read Faster!

    Ever wish you could read faster? might be able to help you out. Veronica takes a look on today's Tekzilla Daily.

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  • Mac Blu-ray Player & The Big Lebowski Arrives on Blu-ray!

    Thought you couldn't play Blu-ray disks on OS X? Guess again: Macgo just released a media player that does a lot more than Blu-ray! The Big Lebowski: Robert Heron's Favorite Movie is finally out on Blu-ray!

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  • 3DS vs. PSVita, Netflix Just For Kids, These Ain't No Gameboys! Mac Blu-ray Player!

    The Big Lebowski Arrives On Blu-ray, and Blu-ray has finally made it to OS X with the Mac Blu-ray Player! 3DS vs. PSVita: Destructoid's Tara Long Tells Why These Ain't No Gameboys! Skype is back on OS X. More ways to download your favorite shows to an Android phone, and more!</p>


  • Laptop Buyer's Guide, PSN Spear Phishing, Affordable 50" HDTV: Panasonic Viera ST30 Review, The Best Upgrade Ever, Secure Browsing Tips!

    Automate HTTPS! Laptop Recommendations: Great Deals and what to look for from PC World's Jason Cross, the best upgrade to make your computer faster, Excellent Panasonic 50" plasma for under $1350 and our favorite Blu-ray releases for May 3rd, 2011!


  • Speed Up Your PC For Free! Firefox 4, Fix Google Maps, Apple Digital AV Adapter: HDMI for iPhone, $650 Optoma HD180 vs. $6500 Projector.

    We review Optoma's HD180 projector, an iPhone falls from a plane and lives, Firefox 4 is here, we flash back and reminisce about PCs from 1989, and list our favorite new Blu-ray releases for March 29th, 2011.