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  • DC RUMORS: The Flash's Movie Villains LEAKED?!

    Whitney and Sam! Batman and Robin! Peanut Butter and Jelly! These are things that work well together! Vote Whitney/Sam this Fall.

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  • Who Will Play Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Movie?

    Dani and Sam AKA Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, have joined forces! Watch out, evil-doers!

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  • Are Gaming Conventions DYING?!

    Sam and Maude have been kidnapped. These two are imposters. Inform the FBI. They are among us. Also, we talk about Ghostbusters.

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  • Star Wars Celebration: Rogue One & More!

    Sex Games and Star Wars in one video! It must be Christmas! NOPE, it's SOURCEFEDNERD!

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  • More on Pokemon Go than TWITTER?!

    Pokemon GO is changing the WORLD while Ghostbusters destroys it. What a time to be alive! (Sam is now has a sunburn. Sam blames Maude.)

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    Sure, Sam & Maude deliver the nerd news but they'll often sprinkle it with the opinion and views.

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  • Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters Remake

    With an all-female Ghostbusters set to remade, they're swapping those gender roles once again by casting Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist.

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    HAPPY HUMP DAY, NATION! Today we talk about Lady Gaga coming to American Horror Story, Britain banning a sexy cell phone ad, and DUCK TALES IS RETURNING?!

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Is Full House Coming Back?

    John Stamos is in talks to reboot 90's TV favorite Full House. Awesome! But, it's not the only old show that might be getting a reboot. See if your favorite is coming back soon. Thumbnail Credit: King of Hearts, hyku


  • Sailor Moon Crystal on Anime Club!

    Reina and Will review the new reboot of Sailor Moon!

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