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    Happy Thursday, Nation!

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Mixing The Wu-tang Clan And Kung-Fu Movies

    Oldschool Kung-Fu movies + the Wu-tang Clan = Internet video gold!

    Editors' Picks

  • Video App WARS: MixBit Takes On Vine & Instagram

    The co-founders of YouTube have their answer to Vine and Instagram - MixBit! Chastity tells you about the social video service that lets you combine new and old videos, create mashups with others' videos, and lets you edit and arrange them into stories.

    Tech Feed News

  • Tweets Are the New Steroids, Google Fiber (Bar) and Is Mountain Lion that Fierce?

    Mountain Lion is out - for those who've actually received the upgrade, at least. Google Fiber promises to revolutionize connectivity, starting with Kansas CIty. And finally, the Olympics are off to a GREAT start - we'll show you how to catch all the action on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

    Annie's Bits

  • Zombie Meal Time Director's Cut

    As a gift for Halloween, we give you the Director's Cut of our controversial Zombie Meal Time video!

    Epic Meal Time

  • Remix: CD Coaster

    Moujan turns unloved CDs into useful CD coasters.

    popSiren Bite

  • New Ways to Find Great Music

    A cool new MuxTape Mashup, Build a Greener Engine and New Uses for old CDs.


  • Remix: Cereal Box Magazine Holder

    Moujan helps you organize your life by transforming a cereal box into a magazine holder.

    popSiren Bite

  • Remix: CD holder TP holder

    Moujan remixes a CD holder into a sexy and cat-proof toilet paper holder.

    popSiren Bite