Pokemon In Minecraft! Believe In Love! - Random Encounter

Craft a Pokeball in Minecraft and catch an adorable, blocky Pidgey! Or maybe check out some creepy goth Pokemon. How about playing Mario Sunshine without the water jet pack? WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT? ARE ALL THESE THINGS REAL?

Pokemobs for Minecraft project page: bit.ly/OHthJQ

Video by CaptainSparklez: bit.ly/OHtnBf

Tim Burton Style Pokemon by Hat Boy: bit.ly/PMi0tx

GTA 4 Map: bit.ly/PMhITl

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Project Page: bit.ly/PMhkV2

Sunshine Model Import video: bit.ly/PMhpbp

Super Mario Bros for the Atari 2600: bit.ly/PMgRCk

Every K.K. Slider Song played at once: bit.ly/PMdkE5

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