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  • Nightwing Movie - WHO IS NIGHTWING? Who will play Dick Grayson in Batman Spinoff?

    The Nightwing movie seems to be on its way to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and it might be directed by The Lego Batman director.

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  • Everyone Knows Bruce Wayne is Batman

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  • Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos CONFIRM New Villain!

    Spider-Man's newest foe, the Shocker, just popped up on set of Homecoming and Daniel Craig was offered TOO MUCH MONEY to keep playing Bond!

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  • Blizzard Grants OVERWATCH Wish!

    PLUS Robin's identity accidentally revealed, E3 news, and trailer breakdowns for Star Trek Beyond and Beauty and the Beast!

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  • The Future Of Batman!

    Today Arris talks the Future of Batman with Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti and more!


  • Cartoons, Toys, and Cactus Fruit - It's #TableTalk!

    Sam, Steve, and Will talk your topics from the bowl.

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  • The Alternate Versions Of Batman!

    Today on Variant Arris talks about all the different versions of Batman over the years! Plus see what comics you should buy this week!


  • Who's Your Daddy? on SourceFed Animated!

    Superheros, strongmen, and surprises this week.

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  • Could Batman Beat Superman?

    Today Arris answer the age old comic book question could Batman beat Superman in a one on one fight! Plus see what comics you should buy this week!


  • NEW SUPER SMASH BROS 4 CHARACTERS: Lucina, Robin and Captain Falcon!

    Super Smash Bros 4 is one of our most-anticipated games of the year, and today Nintendo revealed three characters being added to the game - two of which are some of Nick's favorites!