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  • Can Scheduling Sex Make Sex Better?


  • iPhone 6c and Google I/O 2014

    Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tackled the most burning questions in the world of tech including what filming equipment and editing software we use to create all of TechnoBuffalo's videos and how many videos he films on an average day. Jon also tells us if he thinks Apple will release an iPhone 6c alongside the iPhone 6 and what new devices Google might announce at this year's I/O conference.


  • Schedule Downloads to Start and Stop in Firefox

    Download files on your own terms with today's Firefox extension!

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Can Your PC Handle Battlefield 3? iPhone 5: We'll Know Tomorrow, E Ink: Because Reading On A Phone Sucks!, Build An Ultra Quiet PC and More

    The iPhone 5 announcement is tomorrow! Ryan Shrout's been testing Battlefield 3, and he knows what you need in your PC for the best performance. Your ideas for securing Nintendo DS Wi-Fi. What can you get somebody to do for $5? Check out! Patrick's latest Quiet PC build is affordable... but we've got some over the top super-quiet upgrades. Reading books on phones and tablets SUCK: we'd rather use a reader with an E Ink screen.


  • Star Wars Hits Blu-Ray! Five Tricks For Setting Up Your New HDTV, Cheap HD Tuner, Windows Media Center vs. Media Center Extenders

    New HDTV? Robert Heron walks you through the settings you should fix to make sure it looks its best! Star Wars and Citizen Kane released on Blu-ray. (At least Orson Welles didn't screw up Kane.) Can you use CableCARD Tuner with Media Center, or just Media Center Extender?

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  • Install Windows 8 Now! Intel Developer Forum Picks, Better Browsing for Netflix, Metro Sucks, Turn ISO Files into a Disk, Set Up Your New HDTV

    Xbox Live Coming to Windows, Setting up your new HDTV The right way, Is the iPad coming to Sprint? Windows Phone vs. Android Fragmentation, Cinetap: Great Netflix interface for the iPad. It's easy to burn ISO files onto CD, DVD or Blu-ray disks. Loyd Case gives us the best picks from the 2011 IDF!


  • Schedule Your Power Settings

    Wish your computer would automatically revert to a power-saving state when you went to sleep? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use SetPower to change your PC's power plan based on any schedule you decide.

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  • Free Task Manager: Wunderlist

    Is our search for the perfect task manager over? Wunderlist Task Manager is free, cross platform, works with groups and it's easy to use... but what it's missing might be a dealbreaker for you!


  • Unlimited Backup: Mozy Alternatives. GPU Answers, Bad HDTV Upgrade, KeePass Hack, 54 New Planets and It's Not An Internet Kill Switch!

    Loyd Case answers your questions about graphics cards! The Daily: A new newspaper just for tablets. Should you upgrade to a larger 720p HDTV from a smaller 1080 screen? And we list the new Blu-ray releases for February 8th, 2011


  • Center Channel Hacks for Better Surround Sound! Remote Potato: Awesome WMC Access On Your Phone

    Remote Potato on your iPhone can control your HTPC from ANYWHERE and streams your recorded content, too! Is the sweet spot a bit small for your home theater? Let's fix that center channel! Plus the new releases for January 25th, 2011!

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