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  • The Killing Joke: Killed it? Or a JOKE?

    Plus the must-watch Rick & Morty reenactment, Charlie Hunnam not on Pacific Rim Sequel (sob), and new Pokemon Go features.

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  • Comic Con Preview Night was Awesome!

    Sam and Maude hit the floor running at Comic Con 2016!

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  • The Best Game of Thrones Cosplay at Comic Con!

    Pre-order your ZTE Axon 7 today for $399 at

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    Cosplay is one of the best parts of Comic Con, but we thought we'd quiz the cosplayer with questions on their cosplay character. Say that 5

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  • Live-Action Pokemon Movie is HAPPENING!

    Maude and Sam are tearing through SDCC and taking no prisoners! Let's talk about all of our dreams coming true!

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  • Best Trailers of Comic Con 2016!

    It's NERD NEWS BREAKDOWN! Barry, Clark, and Harley talk about all the big news that slipped out of this year's SDCC!

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  • We Say Disgusting, Terrible Things - It's #TableTalk with Khail Anonymous!

    Khail, Steve, and Maude talk your topics.

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  • Experience Comic-Con For Yourself In 360 Video!

    Check out Comic-Con in a completely new way with awesome 360 video!

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  • Batman / TMNT Crossover Coming!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves in Gotham and stumble into Batman. What are the other weirdest pairings in comics?

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  • Comic-Con 2015 - Behind The Scenes!

    Maude, Steve and Sam enjoy all the goodies Comic-Con 2015 has to offer... And even some that they didn't.

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