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  • 5 Ways to Disappear from the Internet

    Have you ever wanted to disappear online? Watch this video to help you disappear from the internet forever.


  • Google EnergySense and Surface Mini

    Jon R is back to tackle the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode of Rumor Roundup, Jon is talking about Yahoo's attempt at making a Siri/Google Search competitor, Samsung's new tablet that will compete directly with the iPad Air, new software from Google that will let you control your thermostat via a smartphone app, and the rumored Microsoft Surface Mini might have Kinect-like features when its released. All this and more on Rumor Roundup!


  • Search Hashtags Across Multiple Social Networks

    Get a better understanding of popular hashtags with today's Tekzilla Daily Tip!

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • The Steubenville "Rape Crew" and Their Slut-Shaming Supporters

    In today's show we talk about Kick-Ass 2 Trailers, Twinkies being back, porn searches, the Steubenville trial, everything else that mattered to me!

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Discover YouTube Videos Created Near You!

    Have you ever wanted to search YouTube for a videos taken at a specific location? Now you can with Youtube Videos Near Me. It's as easy as dropping a pin.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Run Any Website Search from the Chrome Address Bar

    Chrome can search many websites straight from the address bar. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to save time by skipping straight to your search results.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Inside Google Drive! Samsung ES-8000 Review, Glowing e-Reader, iPad Car Chargers that Work, DIY Battery Recycling, Win Our Hackintosh!

    The best way to search Tekzilla! Why you need a 2 amp charger for your iPad. Why Logitech's Harmony One is our favorite Universal Remote. Help recycling batteries! Should you leave Dropbox or Box for Google's new Drive?


  • Search Google By Drawing

    Can't find the words to describe the image you're searching for? With Search By Drawing, you can show instead of tell. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how easy it is to search Google with pictures.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Doesn't Suck! Why Sunspots Break Cable TV. Can SCSA Replace Blu-ray? iPad 3 on March 7th! Wipe Your Google Web History!

    Welcome to our Three Hundredth Episode! Machete Order: The Best Way To Watch Star Wars. Swipe, Slide and Zoom Metro. Hands On With Windows 8 Consumer Preview! Should You Move Your Page File Off Your SSD? Wipe Your Google Web History, Wireless Router Recommendations and more!


  • Draw Any Graph and Find the Data

    Looking for a new way to browse through Google's data? Google Correlate lets you draw a graph and find out what search terms create that graph. Veronica shows you more on today's Tekzilla Daily.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip