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  • Don't Have Friends for Selfies? You Can BUY Them in Japan!

    If you're a sad, lonely, friendless cryboy who doesn't have anyone to take selfies with, there's a sweet new service in Japan that let's you


  • Coworkers Play No Thumbs Challenge!

    The SourceFed hosts try to do things you need thumbs for... without their thumbs. It does not go well.



    Ke$ha tries to break free from her Sony music after rape allegations.


  • Teen Instagram Star Reveals The Truth!

    Teen Instagram star speaks out about the ugly truth behind social media fame.


  • The New Group Selfie

    Group selfies, yelp for humans, and an Edward Scissorhands troll!


  • Selfie Competition on GTA V Online

    Steve and Reina go head to head on getting the best selfies in Grand Theft Auto V.

    Super Panic Frenzy

  • April Fools Internet Joke Roundup!

    It's April 1st! We round-up the best and worst internet pranks!

    SourceFed Nerd