"Deadly Snakes Hatch in Toddler's Closet", New Year's Video Game Resolutions, and a Contest!

To welcome in the new year Craig, Chad and Nick go old school and bring back a contest requested by the community. From New Year's gaming resolutions, DNA testing burgers and snakes in a closet. Also, notice that Nick is on this week's episode...

Today on SideScrollers, the guys talk their gaming goals for the the 2013. From revisiting old titles to finishing new ones, the guys share their video game resolutions. Plus, why you should keep a burger for DNA testing and why checking for snakes in your toddler's closet is necessary. Also, a woman swallows a dentist's drill when it breaks off in her mouth and the guys bring back a contest which has been requested by the community!

Want to enter the ScrewAttack Desktop Contest? Awesome. Download all the assets you can use here

Dimensions should be 1920x1200 that way pretty much everyone can use them.

Entries need to be in by Wednesday the 9th at 6pm CST to be considered for the prize. Email them to Bryan@ScrewAttack.com.