Happy Random Podcast GOOO!

The wheel has spoken and this week's batch of hosts is a weird one.

Get the Audio Version here - http://bit.ly/WNkx7E
SideScrollers Extended can be watched here - http://bit.ly/VnTQqN

Apex 2013 - The Best In Melee - http://bit.ly/UAcWLg
We Have a Green Screen.... Now YOU Edit - http://bit.ly/XGDQOl
Review - Manos: The Hands of Fate - http://bit.ly/SVDvLf
SGC 2013's First Guests Are Officially Here! - http://bit.ly/Vd1ylJ
The Craziest Episode of Screwin' Around Ever... - http://bit.ly/YcN6wj
DEATH BATTLE! Gag Reel #1: Flowers Make You Fat - http://bit.ly/pmsIAt
Apex 2013 - We Tried Being Smash Bros Pros - http://bit.ly/W4U5YJ
Review - Final Fantasy: All The Bravest - http://bit.ly/UoqnO9
Review - Temple Run 2 - http://bit.ly/W4b4uc
We Found A Winner Of Our Sidescrollers Desktop Design Contest! - http://bit.ly/VaVTfR
Review - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - http://bit.ly/V8ZVFH
Out of the Box - The Cave - http://bit.ly/Vbr2Qg

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