Guess Which Company Was Accidentally Racist!


Guess Which Company Was Accidentally Racist! Please join the conversation about the consequences of texting while driving by using the hashtag #justdrive.


Accidental racism, san francisco's paid leave increases, a new HIV drug has been approved by the FDA, and a GIANT MONSTER ALLIGATOR ATTACKS COWS!


?? Escape From Duct Tape Easily!! -


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Title: San Francisco Is Now the First City in America to Mandate Six Weeks of Fully Paid Parental Leave -

Title: A safer alternative to a once-daily HIV pill just got approved - here's what you need to know about it -

Title: Snapped! Hunters catch and kill 15ft, 800lb alligator that was eating cows on their farm -

Title: Gap apologizes for controversial GapKids ad image




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