Is Snapchat Racist?


Is Snapchat Racist?

We reached out to comedian Brent Weinbach to see where the idea for the Parking Ticket Livestream came from. Here's what he said.


"To answer those questions, I'm not really sure who came up with the idea for it -I think it was Cyrus' idea, but there might have been another guy. Basically, Super Deluxe had the idea and just wanted a couple comedians to come and do commentary, and I happened to be free yesterday. I don't really have a lot of thoughts about the reaction -it just seemed like a silly, fun little thing. I think people checked it out because it's so absurd to make such an event out of something as mundane as getting a parking ticket. It kind of reminded me of Fish Center on


I also think people checked it out because of the live aspect of it -which made it even more of an event. But perhaps eventually, as live stuff will become more and more common on the internet, a live broadcast will not be as exciting for people."


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