Japanese Pop Group Married Off To Fans!?


Japanese Pop Group Married Off To Fans!?

You can date and possibly even marry the new all girls J-pop group Happening Girls girls!

These Japanese J-Pop stars want to marry their fans! Meet The Happening Girls. They are making media waves by offering to marry their fans on their new reality show, which is of course - MAKING THEIR FANS GO CRAZY!

"We are positively encouraging our fans to meet and date the girls" said the show spokesman. The current band roster consists of four members, but other women will be joining the band as the show progresses. Is this a real shot at love, or a clever marketing ploy? Watch today's video and find out!

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Source Material for today's video comes from: Japanese Band, The Happening Girls, Wants To Marry Fans While Wearing Bikinis - Huffington Post

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