Protect Your Genitals With This Creepy Latex Thong!


Protect Your Genitals With This Creepy Latex Thong!

Condoms don't cover everything! The Scroguard is here to protect the rest of your genitals from STDs and creep out any potential partners.

Have you ever wanted to protect your genitals with a creepy thong? Check out the Scroguard.

50% of sexually active Americans will get either HPV or genital herpes, and those viruses can spread from areas that condoms don't cover. The Scroguard covers the rest of your naughty bits to maximize your sexual protection in the most un-sexy way.

Check Out the Scroguard

CLICK HERE for more information about the Scroguard than you'll ever need.

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Watch the equally creepy informercial!

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