Explosions and Rifles on SF Plays!

SourceFed Nerd

Explosions and Rifles on SF Plays!

Xbox and Sunset Overdrive make their contribution of explosives and rifles to SourceFed and RatedRR's Explosion Week...of Four Days!

What Should We Blow Up?

Go to xbox.com/sunsetoverdrive & vote to #BlowUpFizzie or #BlowUpMutants.

Then watch RatedRR's vid on 10/28 for the EXPLOSIVE results!

Rev3Games Plays Sunset Overdrive

Rev3Games is going to be playing Sunset Overdrive on 10/27 at 3PM! Follow their Twitch channel and join in on the fun!

Watch live video from Rev3Games on Twitch

Recreating the Boom Explosion

Watch Rated RR and SourceFed's Joe Bereta recreate the Boom explosion from Sunset Overdrive!

Sunset Overdrive REVIEW!

Watch Rev3Games full review of Sunset Overdrive and find out if it's worth the purchase!