SorcererFed! SourceFedNERD Tabletop RPG is BACK!

SourceFed Nerd

SorcererFed! SourceFedNERD Tabletop RPG is BACK!

WELL MET! Season 3 of SourceFedNERD's D&D show is back with a new title (SorcererFed) and a new Dungeon Master (Joel Rubin).

Sam plays Guuurd, a Lizardguy Fighter with a razor sharp tail and crippling fear of Dark Magickz. Whitney is Spricket, an Elven Ranger who's still pining for her ex-boyfriend. And Jeremy is Slormmm the Inquisitor, a Dwarven Sorcerer with a crazy addiction to the drug Spice.

These glorious heroes are the Wardens of Irradel, generals of great renown. Where will their adventures take them? New episodes will come every Saturday starting 10/15!


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